Best Of USA Marketing is always looking for ways to benefit military-related charities whenever opportunity arises.

Our goal is to increase international commerce opportunities between the U.S. and these countries: Russia, China, and Japan. We match viable, potential business partners in these industries:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • High Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer Services
  • Medical
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Distribution
  • Banking
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military

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Our recent international projects included:

Law Enforcement
The Gifu, Japan Police delegation met with Burbank, CA’s Chief Newsham to compare law enforcement strategies and share operating practices. The Gifu Police were given an opportunity to handle weapons not available to the Japanese police force.
Honky Tonk Productions of Japan contacted Best of USA Marketing to find unique filming sites.
The Shanxi Television Artists Association visits the NBC Studios in Burbank, CA, learning about the way American television shows are made.
Energy Conservation
Guang Xi Province Electrical Bureau, China met the GM of Los Angeles’s DWP. The delegation learned about California’s pioneering energy conservation techniques which are needed in China.
Fire Department
Liaoning Province, China Fire Brigade met with Burbank Fire Department’s Fire Chief Forbes. During their visit, the delegation learned about fire fighting techniques that can be applied to their province’s unique terrain.
Yunan Province delegation met with City of Glendale Water & Power representatives to learn about their state-of-the-art utility systems.
City Government
The Zhabei delegation met with officials from the LA Mayor’s Office. The delegation signed a proclamation of goodwill with Glendale, CA’s pro-term Mayor Weaver. Among others, the delegation learned about American redevelopment efforts in the Glendale area, while visiting the City Manager’s office.
Truck Rental
Russian Truck Rental delegation of professionals visited Ryder Truck Rental in Fullerton, CA.
Family Planning
Ningbo Family Planning Bureau visited Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, CA.
Yamazaki School of Japan’s Summer Overseas Study Program was established at Cal. Poly Pomona

Animal Science Dept.
Real Estate
A real estate group from Japan met with the local ANCA Reality and inquired about several properties and current state of the California real estate market.
Civil Engineering
Las Vegas Department of Public Works met with a group of Japanese civil engineers and visited a local development site.
Outsourcing Service
Japanese businesses owners met with representatives from Alta Resources, an Orange County based customer support solution firm.
City Of Glendale
Mayor Weaver of Glendale received a delegation from Hikari Town of Japan. During their visit, Mr. David Bobardt, Senior Planner of Glendale’s Planning Division offered the Hikari delegation a presentation on environmental issues concerning Glendale’s recent commercial development.
Burbank City Council
Mr. Rex Adams, President of the Ultimate Soldier Collectors Club addressed Burbank City Council before receiving a plague from the city on behalf of 21st Century Toys, Inc. Best of USA Marketing was among the recipients of Burbank Fire Depts’ appreciation plague during the Burbank City Council Meeting.
Osaka City Council
Mr. Syu-ichi Hirata, Director, Policy for the Elderly Division, Public Welfare Bureau of Osaka, and Vice resident of Osaka City Council Mr. Mitsuhiro Wada visited the LA City Council. Ms. Roxana Tynan, Organizer/Economic Development Deputy of District 13, Los Angeles City Council, explained the Hollywood redevelopment project to the Japanese councilmen. Mr. Wada was impressed with District 13′s fast result.
Atlanta City Council
City of Atlanta graciously hosted Mr. Wada, Vice President of Osaka City Council during his visit. Mr. Wada visited the Olympic site and met with the Atlanta City Council.
eCRM / eOutsourcing
A Japanese HR outsourcing firm was seeking a reputable US partner in California, and local firm Sales Support Services responded with impressive results!
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