Special Events
We provide a unique opportunity to mingle with various celebrities and stars at the International Commerce and Tourism Marketing.

Corporate Team Building:
There are countless “corporate trainers” out there ready to talk you and your staff to sleep. Corporations, non profits, government agencies all too often failed victim of the “easy way out” HR solution; yet, no “TEAM” was ever born out of a weekend of lengthy speeches, goofy games, nor golf.

Best of USA Marketing’s HANDS ON team building events will create a bond between your staff that can otherwise only be experienced through combat.

Convention & Event Services
Tired of “just another hotel dinner”? From celebrity events, convention productions, Best of USA Marketing will work along side your staff in creating an exciting product.
A poorly organized conference is a direct reflection on hosting organization. An experienced team is crucial to the event’s operations, including the management of the smallest details. Since 1982, we have made the difference between an average show and an exceptional, highly professional event.

Film Production
Best of USA Marketing and Dream to Screen Productions can transform your vision onto the Silver Screen. From commercials to promotional films our team will work directly with you.

Destination Management
Since 1997, Best of USA Marketing has formulated cost effective trade missions for numerous State and City level convention/visitors Bureaus on marketing USA to Asia and Russia, as both commercial and leisure destination. Best of USA Marketing would maximize each office’s budget on emerging markets via strategic marketing and international partnership.

Do you have a project or just an idea you would like to discuss? Don’t hesitate to contact us.