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Celebrity Events
Best of USA Marketing provides a unique opportunity to mingle with actors and actresses in Hollywood. From industry contracting to security and transportation, we are well versed with Hollywood protocol. You pick your stars and we will go to work for your discreet star studded event.

Celebrity Meet & Greet with Actress Jennie Garth

Celebrity Meet & Greet with Actress Shannen Doherty

US-CHINA REAL ESTATE CONFERENCE featuring millionaires from both continents!

City of San Gabriel, CA hosted the Real Estate conference

CA State Controller John Chiang gave a talk at the convention

Actress/Model Ms. Sierra Fisk, John Lu & wounded Marine Tony who served 4 tours in Iraq

Col. McKnight (Black Hawk Down), Mrs. Linda McKnight, actress/model Sierra Fisk, John Lu

Actor Gary Sinise, John Lu and actress/model Ms. Sierra Fisk

Actor Scott Baio, Mr. John Lu and actress/model Ms. Sierra Fisk

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